You gotta roll with it…

Read an excerpt from an article our lovely Quaddie Foul-Her, #16 wrote for

“Despite my new found confidence in the gym and at classes, I hadn’t attempted to play any team sports since school. I felt that I had been out of football for too long to take it up again; that I wouldn’t be good enough to start playing again. Then one day a few months ago, I saw Herefordshire Rollerskating Club’s page on Facebook …

I surprised myself with my excitement and eagerness to get involved. My friend and I went along to a session and the rest, somewhat predictably, is history. Not only do I skate with the club every Wednesday, I have also started training for Roller Derby. I knew I was serious about it when I missed a Liverpool match on TV to go skating. Liverpool FC is basically my religion, so this was a huge deal. My mum nearly dropped the phone when I told her.

I had heard of Roller Derby before I started skating, but many people haven’t (if you’re on of them, this video does a better job of explaining it that I can I was initially weary about whether I would enjoy it; it’s a high contact sport which can result in lots of bruises … particularly in the early days, when mastering the art of basic balance whilst on eight wheels can be an issue! But so far so good.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

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