The Horror Bulls to compete in the Heartlands Series

Heartlands Series 2014

Heartlands Series 2014

This year the Horror Bulls will be taking part in The Heartlands Series – Europe’s Biggest inter-league Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Tournament!

“Twenty four leagues from England and Wales will be divided into four regional divisions for double header bout days spanning the year, with a walloping two day playoff weekend in November to find who will be Heartland Champions for 2014!”

The Horror Bulls will be competing in the North West Division and are excited to start the whole series off with a bang by taking part in the first double-header of the year – Hereford Roller Girls vs Wirral Whipeters and North Wales Roller Derby vs Evolution Roller Girls on February 2nd at North Wales. Exciting stuff!

Heartlands Series 2014

Kicking off the Heartlands series with a super exciting double header.

The team has been training hard and so hope to make it all the way to the playoffs and maybe be crowned Heartlands Champions 2014!

Here’s a teaser of what you can expect from the Heartlands Series 2014.


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You can grab your tickets here. Come along and show us your horns!


Hereford Roller Girls now UKRDA members!

HRG are proud to announce that they are now UKRDA members. 

Being a part of the UK Roller Derby Association means that Hereford Roller Girls can now take part in sanctioned bouts that are regulated to the WFTDA standards. Soon, HRG will be playing other UKRDA teams, contributing to a UKRDA ranking (and making it to the top one day maybe?).

It also means that HRG have access to a huge wealth of knowledge and resources gathered over the years by Roller Derby leagues, so HRG will be supported and guided by the association. The UKRDA has been put together to help grow and promote the sport of Roller Derby and to truly represent British leagues. We are really excited to be a part of making Derby even bigger and more awesome!

In the future, HRG will also get to participate in fantastic tournaments put on by the UKRDA such as the Rollergirls vs Rollergirls event at the Tattoo Freeze taking place  on Sunday 12th January. HRG won’t be playing in this year’s event sadly but there will be a few of us cheering them on from the sidelines!


For more information on becoming a UKRDA member check out: