Hereford Roller Derby Bring Home First Win Against Plymouth City Roller Girls

Photo: John Baker

Photo: John Baker


The start of Hereford Roller Derby’s British Championship 2017 season has began with a fantastic game against Plymouth City Roller Girls.

Photo: John Baker

Photo: John Baker

The game on the 11th February started with HRD captain Plant #31 gearing up on the jammer line & scoring 3 points for HRD in the first jam. PCRG put up a great match, during the next few jams the lead changed several times, as HRD & PCRG battled for each & every point. With 5 minutes to halftime & the score at 63 to 53 in favour of PCRG, HRD really dig deep & get another 6 points on the scoreboard before the whistle.

Photo: John Baker

Photo: John Baker

The second half kicks off with a power jam for Plymouth, however, the HRD blockers use everything they’ve got to stop PCRG taking advantage of this, bringing the score ever closer together to 83 to 79 to PCRG, shortly after HRD bring that score to an even 83 to 83.

From that point on HRD are really on top form & work perfectly together to fight for every point possible, even with a few more lead changes along the way, HRD don’t let that stop them, with 20 minutes to go & the score so tight at 99 to 91 in favour of HRD, it’s really down to the wire.

Photo: John Baker

Photo: John Baker

With the final moment of the game fast approaching & everything still all to play for, both PCRG & HRD bring out the big hitters & really work hard for each point. The opportunity of a power jam sees HRD working effectively together really powering towards the final whistle. With 2 minutes to go, the score is HRD 166 to PCRG 134.

During the final moments & keeping calm under the building excitement within the hall, HRD take home the victory with a final score of HRD 173 & PCRG 138.

After a brilliant game, the awards presented by PCRG to HRD are given to Raypunzel #79 for Best Jammer, Jeff #195 for Best Blocker & Butler #21 for MVP.

Photo: John Baker

Photo: John Baker

HRG take to the river for charity.

On the August Bank Holiday, Hereford Roller Girls took part in the Rotary Charity River Festival. So, it’s only appropriate that our very own River FierceMinx should be the one to report on the day’s events!

“The first event was the Dragon Boat race. We nervously approached the river for our 1st heat, only to discover our opponents were teenagers. We all looked at each and smiled – this was going to be easy!

Then they called us to the boats, ‘Hereford Roller Girls Vs Hereford Sea Cadets’. Ummm, maybe this wasn’t going to be that easy! 16 of our finest roller girls, refs and family members stepped into the dragon boat. We were determined and competitive, however nothing could’ve prepared us for this. When the race started we paddled, we paddled so hard, and we finished in 1 min 24 seconds, 5 seconds behind the Sea Cadets and the slowest time in heat 1.

We re-grouped and talked tactics, so when we were called to heat 2 we were feeling more positive, we could do this. This time we raced Team Fit, we finished 2nd again with a time of 1 min 22 seconds. We were excited to have bettered our time, however so had the other teams, so we were still 15th. When it came to heat 3 we had got the hang of it, and we beat our opponents in 1 minute 16 seconds. We finished 13th overall and achieved most improved team of the day.

Next came the Tug of War heats. This time 8 of us lined up to take on our 1st team. We took the rope and looked up to see 8 strong men looking back at us. It was no surprise when we promptly lost 2-0. Next we faced the Sea Cadets, this was our chance to get even. We pulled that rope like our lives depended on it, we won 2-0.

Our final heat was against another 8 men, they started well, but just as they were about to win we found some super strength and pulled it back, 2-0 again. Finally we were called for the semi-final, we were against the reigning champions, 8 big burly men. They allowed us an extra team member but even 9 against 8 they won the 1st one easily. At 1-0 we huddled for a team talk. We realised we couldn’t beat these guys so we decided to have a bit of fun with them. Our coach, Eve, gave us a key word and when she shouted it we were to let go of the rope. We took up our positions, the war started, Eve shouted “Pull, Pull, Pull, Roller Skate” We all let go of the rope and 8 men promptly fell down, we grabbed the rope again and pulled their anchor along the floor. We lost 2-0 but we’d had so much fun.

We’d like to say thank-you to everyone who took part, helped and supported us. We had a fantastic day!”

Hereford Roller Girls are fundraising again!

This time we’re teaming up with Herefordshire Learning Disability Trust to bring you a fun filled evening of BRAIN TEASING QUIZ, BBQ and SUPER PRIZE RAFFLE for all the family!

The quiz will be MC’d by Sunshine Radio‘s very own LEON OLDMAN, also of TGS Bar Wars fame.
Tickets cost £5 per adult and £3 for under 12s. (this includes one free item from the BBQ) Teams of a maximum of 6, mixed (adult and child) teams are encouraged, as there will be a children’s round, Be Warned ;o)
Tickets will be issued once a team registration form is completed. Deadline for these is Monday 9th July. Please leave your email address if you would like a form emailing to you :o)

The BBQ is courtesy of THREE COUNTIES FINE FOODS Ltd; a team of award winning master butchers from Herefordshire with over 25 years of combined experience in butchery and catering, using traditional methods.

The evening is aimed at families of all ages and abilities, with good disabled access, private bar and good FREE parking close by!

We hope you can join us to raise funds for Herefordshire Learning Disability Trust and Hereford Roller Girls, it promises to be an awesome night!

The Blitz Burlesque Party with The Correspondents @ The Jailhouse

Calling all Soldiers on leave, G.I.s, Factory and Land Girls! The Jailhouse is taking you back to wartime Britain with The Blitz Party Part 2. Expect a night of swinging Big Band tunes with amazing Vintage Burlesque performances from Adelina Le Shay and Danny Demilo plus an exclusive performance from Electro Swing duo The Correspondents.

The Correspondents, MC Mr Bruce and DJ/Producer Mr Chuckles make Big Band music for the 21st century. Splicing old time swing samples with squelchy synths over dusty drum loops the duo have been rocking festivals across the world with their electrifying stage show. Herefordshire Roller Skating Club’s very own Roller Girls will be getting their skates on too!

Gramophone spinners for the evening will be Phat Tony and Teasesgee playing music from and inspired by the swing era everything from Big Band to Electro swing, with amazing visuals by Alpha Channel.

For those wanting to take some time out from the dancing and risqué shenanigans, Room Two will be transformed into a war bunker, with 40s news and show reels on the projector.

Entry is £7, with money off for everyone in their 1940s fancy dress. The club is open from 10pm until 3pm.

If you’re interested in joining us or finding out more about what we do, come along and say hello. We’d love to meet you!