HRG take to the river for charity.

On the August Bank Holiday, Hereford Roller Girls took part in the Rotary Charity River Festival. So, it’s only appropriate that our very own River FierceMinx should be the one to report on the day’s events!

“The first event was the Dragon Boat race. We nervously approached the river for our 1st heat, only to discover our opponents were teenagers. We all looked at each and smiled – this was going to be easy!

Then they called us to the boats, ‘Hereford Roller Girls Vs Hereford Sea Cadets’. Ummm, maybe this wasn’t going to be that easy! 16 of our finest roller girls, refs and family members stepped into the dragon boat. We were determined and competitive, however nothing could’ve prepared us for this. When the race started we paddled, we paddled so hard, and we finished in 1 min 24 seconds, 5 seconds behind the Sea Cadets and the slowest time in heat 1.

We re-grouped and talked tactics, so when we were called to heat 2 we were feeling more positive, we could do this. This time we raced Team Fit, we finished 2nd again with a time of 1 min 22 seconds. We were excited to have bettered our time, however so had the other teams, so we were still 15th. When it came to heat 3 we had got the hang of it, and we beat our opponents in 1 minute 16 seconds. We finished 13th overall and achieved most improved team of the day.

Next came the Tug of War heats. This time 8 of us lined up to take on our 1st team. We took the rope and looked up to see 8 strong men looking back at us. It was no surprise when we promptly lost 2-0. Next we faced the Sea Cadets, this was our chance to get even. We pulled that rope like our lives depended on it, we won 2-0.

Our final heat was against another 8 men, they started well, but just as they were about to win we found some super strength and pulled it back, 2-0 again. Finally we were called for the semi-final, we were against the reigning champions, 8 big burly men. They allowed us an extra team member but even 9 against 8 they won the 1st one easily. At 1-0 we huddled for a team talk. We realised we couldn’t beat these guys so we decided to have a bit of fun with them. Our coach, Eve, gave us a key word and when she shouted it we were to let go of the rope. We took up our positions, the war started, Eve shouted “Pull, Pull, Pull, Roller Skate” We all let go of the rope and 8 men promptly fell down, we grabbed the rope again and pulled their anchor along the floor. We lost 2-0 but we’d had so much fun.

We’d like to say thank-you to everyone who took part, helped and supported us. We had a fantastic day!”