Hereford Roller Girls Victory Over Lincolnshire Dame Busters

Hereford Roller Girls’ (HRG) Horror Bulls travelled to Lincolnshire on Saturday 6th July to take on the long-established Lincolnshire Bombers’ B Team, Lincolnshire Dame Busters.


Until Saturday, Lincolnshire Dames (LD) were placed 48 places above Hereford Roller Girls on the European Rankings table. With only 11 players out of a possible 14 on the roster, and temperatures soaring, the bout promised to be a challenging one and HRG were definitely seen as the underdogs.

LBD started the bout promisingly; their defensive walls of blockers were very strong and their jammers were able to fight their way through the HRG defence. The first jam ended with LBD winning 9-1, with the scores close at 34-32 to the home team 15 minutes in.


With power jams in HRG’s favour, the tables soon turned and HRG were 66-32 up, and at half-time it was 53-90 to HRG.

A tough second half saw a very physical game with HRG rising to the challenge to keep their endurance and discipline to maintain a strong defence. The scores were tight, but HRG were able to distance themselves from the opposition, to win 165-115.


“We knew we were in for a tough time and knew that the bout would be a huge challenge, physically and mentally,” said Dee Montague (Quaddie Foul-Her), Horror Bulls Captain. “We kept our focus and knew that our tactics were strong and were well rewarded for our efforts. We enjoyed the bout so much, and Lincolnshire were fantastic hosts.”

Emma Hughes picked up the Best Jammer Award on what was her last bout for the team before she returns to her native Merseyside, and Jes Warrington (Gore Jes) picked up another Best Blocker Award. Kim Wild’s strong blocking and jamming saw her pick up the Most Valuable Player award.

“We’re delighted that Emma picked up another award, and wish her all the best,” said Dee. “She’s been an incredible asset to our team, and we’re going to miss her very much indeed!”

Photography courtesy of Peter Worth

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