What is Roller Derby?

Roller Derby is a skilled and energetic contact sport played on quad roller skates. There are female, male and junior leagues all throughout the UK and worldwide.

Roller Derby combines skill and strength with speed and agility, and the energy and spirit of a team sport. 

How do you play Roller Derby?

Roller Derby involves two teams of four Blockers (known as the pack), skating around an oval track. A point scorer from each team (the Jammer) attempts to make their way through the pack. The Jammer scores a point for each opposing player they pass. Blockers play defense and offence simultaneously to help their jammer score and prevent the opposing jammer from scoring. A game is made of 2, 30 minute halves, broken into “jams” where this takes place, and these last a maximum of 2 minutes. The team rotates it’s players for every jam.


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